Local attractions


Get inspiration to local sites and attrations

West Jutland Art Pavilion opened in 2012 and is an exceptional and unique architectural building that serves as exhibition space and houses the contemporary, established art and ambitious art with local roots in Western Jutland. Here you can experience exhibitions 6-8 and 3-5 musical performances a year.

Skjern Meadows gives rich experiences whether you want to study the fascinating birdlife, try your luck with the fishing rod, canoeing, ride a bike/horse or hike along the more than 20 kilometers of trails that are brought in the natural area. Skjern Meadows is Denmark's only river delta and is a popular destination for birdwatchers.

Videbæk's sports and leisure center has bowling, swimming and fitness center. Read more about the opening hours on the website.

Kulsøen (Coal lake) is located in an area where there used to be dug lignite. The area is now a beautiful area where you can walk around the lake on a marked hiking trail - the ride is 2.5 km long and takes about one hour. There are barbecue and fire places with tables and benches, where you can enjoy or cook picnic. If you have a fishing license it is also possible to catch your dinner in the lake, here are both pike, perch, roach, eel, bream and trout.

One of Denmark's most child-friendly zoos, where you among other thing can touch and feed the animals, ride, sail and drive train.

Momhøje Nature Center offers nature and activity experiences for all. Here is a playground made out of natural materials, play castle, fixed orientation items, barbecues, shelters and hiking and riding trails, mountain bike routes and disabled-friendly paths.

Go on a unique rail bike tour from Herborg Station towards Skjern. The 15 km-long disused railway line will allow you to experience the beautiful moor plains and agricultural areas of West Jutland.